Macintosh System 2-kun (Sinclair-Speccy)/Relationships

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General Information
Full NameFuji McIntosh
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesMacintosh System 2.0
DeveloperApple Inc.
Height127 cm (4'2")
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey
Other Information
AffiliationRetrograde Conglomerate (Member), The Infinite Loop (Past Member)


Macintosh System 1 & 3

Fuj is part of the triplets with Prima who is more energetic and Saburo who is sometimes more formal compared to Fuji who is passive, so he is prone to being dragged into Prima's schemes, but Fuji is always willing to help out, even if he doesn't always understand what he's getting into.

Apple Lisa

The son of Lisa-tan, the two of them get along but the developers attempted to convince him that he and his sister were much better than their own mother. The developers felt that Fuji and his sister were a better representation of the future of computing, trying to distance them from Lisa's legacy. Lisa-tan is a proud mother and she is happy to see her son succeed. System 2-kun looks up to his mother, always grateful for her support.

Windows 1.0

Noting that Windows 1.0 was released the same year as Macintosh System 2, he and Wilma never got along at first as Windows 1.0 could not compete with Apple's OS however they became friendly to each other after Fuji defended her from Prima's rudeness towards her as Prima felt that Windows 1.0 was a threat to the Macintosh, and she was not afraid to show it. Fuji was appalled by Prima's behaviour towards her.

Fuji's defence of Windows 1.0-tan made her realize that he was not the arrogant and dismissive person she thought he was. She began to see him as a kind and supportive friend, and they started to get along better.


The son of XEROX Alto-kun, Macintosh System 2-kun and Xerox Alto-kun have a complicated relationship. Alto is the father of System 2, but he left Lisa when System 2 and System 1 were young. As a result, System 2 doesn't know much about him and hardly ever sees him.

The only time System 2 really got to know his father was when Alto tried to sue Lisa for custody of System 2 and his sister. In the end, Lisa won custody, and Alto was ordered to pay child support.


Macintosh System 2-kun is aware of XENIX-tan because of Lisa-tan. He is impressed by XENIX-tan's technical capabilities, and she is impressed by System 2's graphical user interface (GUI), and she is eager to learn more about it.