Macintosh System 1-tan (Sinclair-Speccy)/Relationships

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General Information
Full NamePrima McIntosh
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesMacintosh System 1.0
DeveloperApple Inc.
Height125 cm (4'1")
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey
Other Information
AffiliationRetrograde Conglomerate (Member), The Infinite Loop (Past Member)


Macintosh System 2 & 3

Prima shares a close bond with her siblings, Macintosh System 2 and Macintosh System 3. While Prima is known for her energetic nature, Macintosh System 2, also known as Fuji McIntosh, is more passive. Macintosh System 3, also known as Saburo McIntosh, possesses exceptional memory skills. Despite their contrasting traits, the triplets maintain a strong sibling connection, supporting and understanding each other's unique qualities.

Apple Lisa

Prima and her siblings are the children of Apple Lisa, and they share a positive relationship with their mother. Although developers attempted to distance them from Lisa's legacy, Prima, Fuji, and Saburo acknowledge and appreciate their mother's contribution to computing. Lisa-tan takes pride in her children's accomplishments and supports their endeavours wholeheartedly.

Windows 1.0

Initially, Prima held a negative perception of Windows 1.0, viewing it as a threat to the Macintosh. She expressed her concerns openly, often displaying rudeness and dismissiveness towards Windows 1.0. Prima went as far as labelling it a "cheap imitation" and a "waste of space." However, her brother, Fuji McIntosh, intervened and urged Prima to show more respect and understanding towards Windows 1.0. Over time, Prima realized the importance of acknowledging the strengths of other operating systems, leading to a shift in her attitude towards Windows 1.0.


Prima and her siblings have a complex relationship with their father, XEROX Alto-kun. XEROX Alto left Lisa when the triplets were young, resulting in limited interaction and knowledge about their father. Prima, Macintosh System 1, maintains a distant connection with XEROX Alto and rarely encounters him. The siblings' true encounter with their father occurred when he attempted to sue Lisa for custody of the triplets. Ultimately, Lisa retained custody, and XEROX Alto was ordered to provide child support.


Prima, as Macintosh System 1, is aware of XENIX-tan due to her connection with Lisa-tan. They recognize each other's existence.