Macintosh System 1-tan (Sinclair-Speccy)/Character

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General Information
Full NamePrima McIntosh
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesMacintosh System 1.0
DeveloperApple Inc.
Height125 cm (4'1")
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey
Other Information
AffiliationRetrograde Conglomerate (Member), The Infinite Loop (Past Member)


Macintosh System 1, also known as Prima McIntosh, is one of the triplets along with her siblings Macintosh System 2 and Macintosh System 3. She shares similarities in terms of eye colour and hair colour with her siblings, reflecting their familial bond. Prima has distinctive style and attire, often seen wearing a grey minidress with bike shorts, complemented by leg warmers. She prefers a wavy-side ponytail hairstyle, adding a touch to her appearance.

While Prima's mischievous nature can occasionally lead to disruptions, her intentions are typically harmless and driven by a desire to bring excitement and fun to. Prima can be a bit impulsive and reckless at times. She sometimes acts before she thinks, and she can get herself into trouble. She can also be a bit bossy and demanding, and she sometimes doesn't listen to others.

Her favourite games are mazes[1] and puzzles.[2]