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General Information
Full NameAmy Bellevue
BirthdayAugust 12
Debut2023-05-20 (site)
Hair ColorDark grey with blue gradient
Eye ColorBlue
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Amy Bellevue is the personification of MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System), an operating system for x86-based personal computers mostly developed by Microsoft, and its related derivatives released on August 12, 1981. MS-DOS was the main operating system for IBM PC compatibles during the 1980s, from which point it was gradually superseded by operating systems offering a graphical user interface (GUI), in various generations of the graphical Microsoft Windows operating system.


Amy's early concepts started in mid-2021, however she got a rework in late 2022, and debuted on this site in May 20, 2023.


Amy has a courteous and diligent personality, which made her reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of both Logiciel's OS-tans and Admins. She has a keen interest in programming and software development, and is currently learning to code under Mike's mentorship, with aspirations of becoming an accomplished developer someday. But despite her modest demeanor, Amy can be stubborn - which can sometimes lead her to overwork herself.

Aside from programming, Amy is also quite skilled in video games. This side of her has been kept hidden for some time, as she was hesitant to reveal this side of her personality to others. However, after seeing the success of Nix who became an idol, Amy has become more confident and open about her love for gaming. In fact, she has begun to participate in gaming competitions.


Family and relationships


Amy admires Mike for his programming abilities and sees him as an elder brother figure. He mentored her in programming and software development, which sparked her love for game development. In addition to their shared interest in computer code, they occasionally go to the arcade center or watch the latest science fiction movies together.

Although Amy worries about Mike's health from time to time due to him spending most of his time coding inside his room, Mike stubbornly brushes off her concerns because he sees programming as his ultimate passion.


Nix and Amy are foils of each other, not only in mannerisms and personal style, but also in their interests. Despite their differences, they consider each other as close friends. When Amy found out about Nix's interest in music, dance, and her idol career, she was surprised at first, but ended up being a loyal supporter.

Occasionally, Nix helps Amy with her tasks, despite Amy's initial stubbornness to do things on her own. This shows that even someone as nonchalant as Nix cares about Amy's well-being and doesn't want her to overwork herself.


When Mina expressed her dream of becoming an idol, Amy was very supportive of her decision and helped her with training. Amy believes that Mina has the potential to become a popular and successful performer, even if she stumbles and fails at first. However, what the future holds for Mina may be greater than what she and Amy can handle…


Although Amy and Ian don't share a twin status despite having the same birthday, they often exhibit similar mannerisms and share the traits of being polite and disciplined. While Ian doesn't seem to mind, Amy took it more personally. Nevertheless, the two got along quite nicely, and she even introduced him to video games.

Kairi and Amelia

Amy's gaming skills caught the attention of Kairi and her younger stepsister, Amelia "Mel" Lorraine. Kairi, being the champion of entertainment, including video gaming, respects how Amy stood up against her. However, Mel was rather complacent and thought of Amy as an easy opponent since Mel was taught by Kairi herself. Over the course of time, Amy began to develop her skills further and she left Mel impressed, even defeating her in some matches.

Lisa and Mac

Amy met Lisa and Mac through Nix, who is friends with the former. Lisa doesn't see Amy as a rival, Mac sometimes gets frustrated with her, as he feels she acts too similar to his own rival, Ian.


Names in other languages

Language Name
English Amy Bellevue
Japanese エイミー・ベルビュー(Eimii Berubyuu)


  • Amy's name written in Japanese Romaji is Eimii (エイミー), which starts with the E katakana letter, which corresponds to MS-DOS' writing in Romaji as Emuesudosu (エムエスドス), which also starts with the E letter.
  • Nix and Amy being a foil to each other is based on the contrasting nature of Xenix and MS-DOS, the latter being a single-user OS, which made Amy more focused but also more stubborn.

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