MCC Interim Linux-tan (Sinclair-Speccy)/Character

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General Information
Full NameOwena "Interim" Le Blanc
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesMCC Interim Linux
DeveloperOwen Le Blanc
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorMedium dark blue-magenta (#3e3456)
Other Information
AffiliationRetrograde Conglomerate (Member)


Professor Owena "Interim" Le Blanc is a knowledgeable and experienced professor. She is depicted as an older woman with greying hair and glasses. Professor Le Blanc dresses in a classic professor's attire, wearing a medium light grey tweed jacket with elbow patches, a light grey dress shirt, a medium dark blue-magenta tie, and medium light grey pants. She carries a stack of floppy disks and a vintage computer book.

She is a highly intelligent and respected figure and is patient, approachable, and always willing to share her wisdom with others.

After Yggdrasil went out of business, Owena lost contact with the other OS-tans. She was sad to see them go, but she knew that they had to move on with their lives. Owena continued to use MCC Interim Linux, and she often thought about the other OS-tans. She wondered what they were up to, and she hoped that they were doing well.

Years later, Owena accidentally stumbled upon the Retrograde Conglomerate. The Retrograde Conglomerate was a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting retiring OS-tans in living a better life. Owena was surprised to see that the other OS-tans were there, and she was happy to be reunited with them.