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General Information
Full NameLivia
AliasLiv, PeerTube-tan
Universe/OriginMona's Museum
Inspired bySepia
DeveloperFramasoft, Open Source
Measurements160 cm, 50 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Other Information
AffiliationAlbatross Foundation Play! (formerly)

Livia is a character of Mona's Museum. She personifies PeerTube, an alternative to YouTube.

What does she personify?

PeerTube is a decentralized alternative to centralized video platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion in the same fashion as Mastodon is to Twitter or Facebook. It was initially developed in 2017 by a person using the pseudonym Chocobozzz, and is now maintained by Framasoft, a French non-profit association.


She was designed by Pttn and first published on this Wiki page on May 22, 2023.


  • Age Range: 16-23, born October 11;
  • Measurements: 160 cm, 50 kg;
  • Personality: an optimistic, very cheerful and hard working girl that wants to entertain people and bring light to those who are in need;
  • Hobbies: writing songs, singing, dancing;
  • Occupation: Idol.

Names in various languages

Language Name Meaning
Esperanto Vivino From vivo (life) or vivi (live), and -ino is the suffix to feminize nouns or given names.
English Livia From live, like in "Live on TV" (the pronunciation is however /lɪvi.ə/ and not /laɪvi.ə/).
French Viviane Similar to Esperanto, and comes from Latin vivus which means living (vivant in French).
Japanese ビビノ : Vivino Transcription from Esperanto.


  • Some elements of her design come from the fact that the PeerTube Logo looks like a Sierpiński Triangle, which can be generated by the Rule 90 Cellular Automaton using a particular initial condition.
    • With random initial conditions, the Rule 90 will generate random triangles like the ones on her hat or dress;
    • The Rule 90 can be associated with the XOR Operation, which can be symbolized with ⊕.

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