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Kinect for Windows Special Pack Campaign
A picture from the campaign's page.

The Kinect for Windows Special Pack (Japanese: Kinect for Windows スペシャルパック) is a CD-ROM that was given as a bonus to 1500 simultaneous purchases of Windows 7 and a Kinect for Windows (a motion sensing input device), during a campaign that started on April 16, 2012[1][2][3][4].

It contains 3D models of Nanami and Claudia Madobe in both the FilmBox .fbx (Kinect compatible) and the MikuMikuDance (MMD) .pmd formats. A demonstration of the Kinect using these 3D models was already proposed during the 2012 Nipponbashi PC-DIY Festa on March 20[5].

Disc Technical Information

Kinect for Windows Special Pack Disc
The Disc.
  • Title: 3D_dataset
  • ISO Size: 103235584 bytes
  • Hashs:
    • MD5: d5cfe240071cdffb755c3bd5812a9ce6
    • SHA1: 8d03683f587ed100118fd40ebc3cabce2234e112
    • SHA256: bc5091ee61f80f3874be3eff4969788416383824c56f9607a848aaa1d2dc711d


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