James (Sinclair-Speccy)

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General Information
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen


James is one of the few humans that is present in The Mainframe, getting stuck in The Mainframe's universe sometime during 2018. James in the present wears a simple burgundy flannel shirt, grey trousers and black sneakers.

In 2018 he was more awkward in terms of personality and only had his school uniform.

Family and relationships


Despite James' lack of knowledge in school, his relationship with Alex, a bright and clever girl, thrives on their shared experiences and complementary skills. While James may not have Alex's ability to think critically, their friendship is based on mutual respect, support, and a deep knowledge of each other's distinct characteristics.

Alex's broad knowledge and fast reasoning impresses James. He liked her ability to understand complicated concepts and solve sophisticated riddles with ease.


James and Rohan appeared to be at odds from the start of their journey to The Mainframe. James, who was not particularly athletic, found it difficult to connect with Rohan, a sporty and dark-skinned teenager.

James first felt inferior in Rohan's presence, unable to match his athletic talents. Their differences in interests and abilities produced a split, making it difficult for them to find common ground. James frequently felt left out of physical activities, which stressed their relationship even worse.

However, as they delved deeper into The Mainframe, a common aim began to bridge the divide between James and Rohan. Despite their differences, their shared desire to explore this foreign place and find a path back home compelled them to collaborate.


Not really best friends but only friends, James first met ROM-DOS-tan back in 2018 when the Retrograde Conglomerate was known as the Vintage Federation. She was one of the characters tasked with showing him around the Vintage Federation along with Amiga so she was one of the few who got to know him the best.

Oh, and she also splashed him with water one time when he was sleeping in.


Another one of the characters tasked with showing James around the Vintage Federation, Amiga and James tend to get along well however James doesn't seem to like it when Amiga gets too playful, leading to pranks.

Amiga took part in helping James wake up by splashing him with water.


XENIX and James didn't really get along that well when they first met as she assumed he was some reckless teenager, but she got to know him a bit better when the two of them had their own time.

History and background


2019 and onwards