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Vicky Cropped.png
General Information
Full NameVictoria Tramell
AliasVicky, Vixen
BirthdayJune 20
Debut2023-05-03 (site)
PersonifiesCommodore VIC-20
Hair ColorCardinal red
Eye ColorScarlet
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Victoria "Vicky" Tramell is the personification of Commodore VIC-20 computer, an 8 bit computer by Commodore Business Machines, first released in Japan as the VIC-1001 on June 1980. Dubbed "The Friendly Computer", it was the first computer to sell one million units. Its inexpensive price, color graphics and vast games library were the factors that contributed to its success. The VIC-20 was later succeeded by the Commodore 64.


Vicky was designed by SpacePuffer and published in this site on May 3, 2023.


She has a dynamic public persona, and is often seen attending events from game shows to live performances. She's knowledgeable about the entertainment industry, as well as the latest trends in pop culture and games. Vicky isn't a big fan of expensive accessories and clothing, but she strives to dress neatly, often giving advice to others on how to look stylish with a limited budget, and is an advocate of cheap fashion.

Vicky is an ambitious and socially adaptable person, but the pressure of living up to her public persona can be overwhelming and can cause her to become angry, especially when others let her down. Although very driven and determined, especially towards her family, that came to a cost of having little time for herself. Her friendly facade often masks how she feels, leading to being perceived as inauthentic or even deceptive by some OS-tans, but the truth is that Vicky wanted to make her family and fans proud of her.


Family and relationships


Being from the Warefarer family, Vicky developed a tough, determined outlook on life. However she felt overshadowed by her younger sister Kairi, who was gifted with many talents, while she had to develop her skills harder. Although Vicky and Kairi had their differences, Vicky took care of her younger sister in many ways. She may have seen Kairi as unruly at times, and Kairi saw Vicky as finnicky or overbearing, but their bond was strong nonetheless.


Vicky looked up to her older brother Patrick in her younger years, but sometimes she finds him somewhat overprotective towards her. On the bright side, she can confide to him about her struggles. She remembered that she was quite sickly in her youth, and Patrick often looked out for her.





When the Sinclair siblings arrived at Selenite Valley, Vicky took immediate notice of Zinnia and her simplistic fashion sense. Nia being the straightforward one, often felt annoyed by Vicky's capriciousness and teasing comments, creating a sort of rivalry between them. However, she was also brave enough to call Vicky out on hiding her true thoughts.

Whizzy Wigs

Initially, Vicky didn't think much of the Whizzy Wigs due to them being relatively new and not quite fitting in. However, after seeing their gradual success, she became more competitive and eager to challenge them to see who would win the most shows. After some time, Vicky felt apprehensive seeing Nix, Lisa, and Estelle's resilience and enthusiasm, since it reminded her of her own ambition and motivation. She ended up respecting the rookie group, though she still has some occasional friendly rivalry with them.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Victoria Tramell
Japanese ヴィクトリア・トラメル (Vikutoria Torameru)


  • Vicky's favorite animal are foxes, especially the red ones, which refers to the VIC-20's nickname Vixen, which can also tie to her capricious personality.
  • Like everyone in the Warefarer family, Vicky is fond of sports and games. She might not be as buffed as Kairi or Patrick, but she still can hold her own in a match.

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