Commodore VIC-20 (UNIVER.SYS)

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UNIVER.SYS is still in early development phase.
All character details and pieces of lore at this stage are subjects to change.
What you see now is a mere glimpse of what's to come, and is not indicative of the final version.
General Information
Full NameVictoria Tramell
AliasVicky, Vixen
BirthdayJune 20
Debut2023-05-03 (site)
PersonifiesCommodore VIC-20
Hair ColorCardinal red
Eye ColorScarlet
Other Information
AffiliationRTG, Color Squad
OccupationIdol, fashion enthusiast, TV show host

Victoria "Vicky" Tramell is the personification of Commodore VIC-20 computer, an 8 bit computer by Commodore Business Machines, first released in Japan as the VIC-1001 on June 1980. Dubbed "The Friendly Computer", it was the first computer to sell one million units. Its inexpensive price, color graphics and vast games library were the factors that contributed to its success. The VIC-20 was later succeeded by the Commodore 64.


Vicky was designed by SpacePuffer and published in this site on May 3, 2023.


Vicky has a friendly and dynamic personality, and is often seen attending events from game shows to live performances. She is knowledgeable about the entertainment industry, as well as the latest trends in pop culture and games. Vicky is not a big fan of expensive accessories and clothing, but she strives to dress neatly, often giving advice to others on how to look stylish with a limited budget, and is an advocate of cheap fashion.

Vicky has an ambition to achieve success in entertainment, thus she has to struggle managing her career and her image towards the public. As a result, Vicky tends to repress her negative emotions and has little time for herself, since she also has to attend to her fellow Warefarer TANs, and she knows too well about her impact on others.


  • Vicky's favorite animal are foxes, especially the red ones, which refers to the VIC-20's nickname Vixen.
  • Famous personalities such as William Shatner was once a spokesman for the VIC-20, describing it as the "Wonder Computer of the 1980s. Hence, Captain Kirk is also one of the inspirations for Vicky's personality.
  • Vicky is not a fan of crude humor and swearing, which references how the VIC-20 was renamed as VC-20 in Germany due to the former name being associated with a German profanity.