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General Information
Full NameJustine Theodore-Tramell
BirthdayJune 16
Debut2023-06-18 (site)
PersonifiesCommodore 16 (264) series
Hair ColorTurquoise
Eye ColorDark Grey
Other Information
OccupationEducator, Traveler

Justine Theodore-Tramell is the personification of the Commodore 16 computer, and by extension the Commodore 264 line, including the Commodore 116 and the Commodore Plus/4. The Commodore 16 was released in 1984 and intended to be an entry-level computer to replace the VIC-20, possessing the TED video chip and enhanced version of BASIC, in addition to the Plus/4 having built-in office suite applications. While the C16 series was a failure on the US market, it enjoyed some success in Mexico and certain European countries, especially the Plus/4 that had lasting popularity in Hungary.


Justine was designed by SpacePuffer and published in this site on June 18, 2023.


Justine is a mild-mannered and kind individual, however she also can be quite clumsy at times, and has low self-esteem due to being overshadowed by her more charismatic predecessors Vicky and Kairi, as Justine was expected by Warefarer fans to be just like them. She felt that she was unable to stick into what the rest of the Warefarer family can do, since she lacked the charisma skills they have.

However, Justine makes up her low self-esteem and clumsiness by being a compassionate and knowledgable educator, who is always ready to teach and help people about computing. She is also fond of travelling to other countries and learning about their cultures, such as their artworks and languages.


Justine was created and trained by the Warefarer's Admins to be a successor to the already famous Vicky and Kairi, who brought the Ensemble to greater recognition. However their expectations were unsatisfactory as Justine's less-than-charming stage presence and clumsiness tend to be a hindrance, in addition to her lacking the fortitude the other Warefarers have. Justine's evaluation by the Admins led to her low self-esteem since she felt that she was unable to follow her elders and by extension the Ensemble's ideals.

Despite the obstacles, Justine didn't give up hope, and she continued contributing as a TAN, both in the Warefarer family and outside in her own ways, with her excellent color coordination skills and her knack in education and business, fields less in line with Warefarer's "tough" image. Her efforts bear fruit, as she gained some fans from overseas who loved her kindness and her work ethic.

Justine thought these overseas fans held the key to realize her potential, and decided to broaden her horizons through traveling and learning more about the world, including culture and art such as building and embroidery. Her newfound realization about her own potential despite the limits slowly made her regain confidence from her initially low-key self, and hoped to share her knowledge and skills to both humans and other TANs.

Family and relationships


Justine was intended to follow Vicky's footsteps as a public personality, however her lack of charisma makes it difficult for her, and even Vicky wishes that Warefarer's fans and Admins should stop pushing that idea. Despite Vicky finding Justine's clumsiness frustrating sometimes, she is proud that Justine found her own field of success.


Kairi's strong willed and energetic attitude made Justine felt intimidated at times, even if it's unintentional. For some time interacting with her, who seems to have everything, like power and popularity, was difficult for her due to Justine's own low self-esteem, but she slowly began to gain more confidence talking to her as she began to support the Color Squad.

Kairi often gets Justine to give the Color Squad some color coordination advice, especially Zach who has a flippant attitude about his color-clashing attire, much to his embarassment towards Kairi's idea. Despite the hilarity, Justine is content to help the idols.


When Justine got to know Zinnia, she realized both of them share interests in teaching, and meeting her made Justine confident that she isn't alone in her struggles of overcoming her limitations. Both of them can be spotted in Color Squad members' concerts, supporting them in the sidelines.

Outside the world of idols, Justine and Zinnia collaborated in teaching people about TANs and programming.

Edward and Axel

She encountered Ed and Axel during one of the Whizzy Wigs' shows. The brothers were impressed by her tales of travel and culture, and her skills in management. Justine introduced Axel to folk embroidery after knowing his love of knitting, and in return, Ed sometimes invites her to Logiciel's library.


  • Justine's first name is derived from Jusztin, the name in Hungarian name day calendar for June 16.
    • Theodore is from the Commodore 16 series' TED chip, which offered sound capabilities, and a graphics palette of 121 colors.
  • Commodore 16 was sold as a beginner's computer from early 1985 to 1992 in Mexico by the Aurrerá company, which also sold software, peripherals and books for the C16. They held at least four annual software writing contests between 1985 and 1989.
    • Additionally, the Commodore Plus/4 was used in Denmark to help hearing-impaired people communicate over telephone lines.
  • There is still an active emulator and community for the C16 and Plus/4 based in Hungary.
  • Her relationship with Edward and Axel, and by extension Logiciel in general, is based on how the Plus/4 was built-in with office suite applications including word processor and spreadsheet.
  • Her nervousness with living under Vicky and Kairi's shadow refers to how the C16 and Plus/4 was meant as a successor to the VIC-20, and how the vocal fans of C64 created the derogatory "Minus/60" nickname for the computer, even though it was not meant to be a competitor to C64.

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