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Clip Studio Paint Debut × Tōko Madobe Campaign
A flyer used during the first campaign.

Clip Studio Paint Debut × Tōko Madobe (Japanese: CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT × 窓辺とおこ) is a copy of the Clip Studio Paint Debut drawing software that was distributed with some copies of Windows 10.

Two variants of this item exist and were distributed in different campaigns. They have distinct covers featuring Tōko, but enclose in a flat disc case the exact same DVD, which is a regular Clip Studio Paint (CSP) copy without any reference to OS-tans or the campaign. The CSP Product Key is sticked below the disc.

The first variant uses a reference Tōko artwork for the front cover and two wallpapers from a previous campaign inside. In a collaboration between Windows Navi+ and Celsys, 3000 copies were distributed during a campaign that started from June 10, 2016, usually as a bonus when buying Windows 10 in select stores; 100 people who already upgraded to Windows 10 could also obtain one by filling a survey[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. It is unclear whether these 100 units are included in the 3000.

The second depicts Tōko with an original drawing by Mayachi (まやち). The same artwork is used inside, taking the full size of the cover paper. The item was first presented during the Comiket 90 (August 12 to 14, 2016)[8]. Then, it became a bonus exclusive to the NTT-X Store, given with a LAN Card, to buyers of a copy of Windows 10 from that store during a campaign that started on December 27, 2016 (assuming that it was the same day as the press release's)[9][10][11]. Interestingly, this variant was not documented on the Navi+ website. The number of units is never mentioned.

Disc Technical Information

Clip Studio Paint Disc
Clip Studio Paint Disc.
  • Title: CSP
  • ISO Size: 3464134656 bytes
  • Hashs:
    • MD5: 27518e7753ec55469ed314ddb593cf1c
    • SHA1: e2c696fe948f12f43fc1ea5cc40b63edf61c95d4
    • SHA256: 5894a12d8697dd26620598c56d5d02ec2808b0f42807c09b77bad7c366f62d2c


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