Claudia Madobe

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Claudia Madobe Cropped.png
Full NameClaudia Madobe
Universe/OriginMadobe Universe
PersonifiesMicrosoft Azure
Height~170 cm[1]
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue

Claudia Madobe (Japanese: クラウディア・窓辺, Claudia Madobe) is a character that personifies Windows Azure.

She is not an OS-tan, but was often shown with Nanami, Yū and Ai Madobe in campaings, making her a notable supporting character that is as recognized as the OS-tans from the Madobe Family. She is also sometimes shown with her colleague Ruri Azumi.


Claudia debuted in the first episode of the Cloud Girl - Windows, Clouds and Blue Sky - webcomic (Japanese: 「クラウド ガール -窓と雲と碧い空-」), released on May 23 2011 by Microsoft Japan to explain cloud technology[2].

She was designed by Wakaba, who also designed Nanami[1].


She looks 170 cm tall, slender and tall, half Japanese and half French American. She combines her strength and beauty in her dignified stance. Her occupation is a system engineer who does development work on Windows Azure. She is a bit supercilious for those who are just learning about cloud technologies, but we can learn a lot from her[1].

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