Aurora Ryugou

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General Information
Full NameAurora Ryugou
BirthdayFebruary 15
Debut2023-12-06 (site)
PersonifiesA/UX (Apple Unix)
Hair ColorPale Beige , Ultramarine
Eye ColorTurquoise

Aurora Ryugou is the TAN personifying A/UX, also known as Apple Unix, a Unix-based operating system from Apple Computer released in 1988. It was known for its inclusion of a graphical user interface, including the familiar Finder windows, menus, and controls. A/UX requires select 68k-based Macintosh models with an FPU and a paged memory management unit (PMMU), including the Macintosh II, SE/30, Quadra, and Centris series.

Despite being discontinued in 1995 due to its development costs, A/UX was praised for being the easiest version of Unix to learn at its time.


Aurora is designed by SpacePuffer and debuted on this site on December 6, 2023.


At first glance, Aurora appears to be friendly, meticulous, and hardworking, albeit somewhat naive. She sometimes tends to be overly eager to please and prove her competence and worth by participating in high-profile events, despite the challenges involved.

Aurora's desire to prove herself and conceal her quirky interests stems from her wish to gain acceptance from her colleagues in Avis Socety, who mostly saw her as an outsider, and she strives to change their perception of her and her skills. But she discovers that pleasing Avis Society is an uphill battle, while her fellow TANs in Prismage treat her with kindness and respect.


  • Aurora's naivety and her love of creating space-themed decorations is derived from A/UX's codenames Space Cadet and Pigs in Space.
    • Additionally, her interest on professional wrestling is based on the Hulk Hogan codename for A/UX 3.0.
    • There is central repository for most A/UX applications: an Internet server at NASA called Jagubox.
  • Despite her awkward debut on stage, Aurora does have an influence and dedicated fans, which is inspired from Panix, the third oldest ISP, that originally ran on A/UX.