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General Information
Full NameLisa Ryugou
BirthdayJanuary 19
Debut2023-04-09 (site)
PersonifiesApple Lisa
Hair ColorPeriwinkle
Eye ColorPink
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Lisa Ryugou is the personification of Apple Lisa, an innovative computer by Apple Computer Inc. released on January 19, 1983. It was the predecessor to the Macintosh and the first commercial computer to feature a graphical user interface (GUI), which is now a standard feature in modern computing. Despite its commercial failure due to high price tag, it holds a significant place in Apple's history, and computer history in general.


Lisa was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted on the web in October 25, 2022, however she debuted on this site on April 9, 2023.


Lisa may come across as reserved, socially awkward, or even emotionless due to her typically neutral expression, absent-mindedness, and phlegmatic way of speaking. However, she is quite intelligent and well-versed in the arts, especially graphic and fashion design. Her works often feature minimal details and geometric elements, and her unique high-end tastes often lead her to spend a lot on things she finds appealing, such as artworks and books, the latter which she reads often.

She is also sensitive and values self-expression, especially among those who are seen as misfits or plain eccentric. She doesn't see irregularity as a flaw, but rather as a sign of authenticity, which also applies to the way she presents herself with her asymmetric outfit.

Lisa became interested in idol culture and wanted to become one herself, to prove that a misfit like her can build a lasting impact and identity in the world.


Lisa was trained by the Mages, the leading Admins of Prismage, to become an influential artist and designer. However, her quiet nature clashed with the chaotic environment of Prismage and her lack of self-esteem made her struggle to fit in, even in a group of nonconformists and rebels.

One day, Lisa and her brother Mac watched Estelle’s debut performance, and she was fascinated by Estelle’s bold, energetic charm and her ability to create her own songs and dances. However, Lisa was unlike Estelle; she was largely shy and reserved. Violet Mage, the leader of the Mages, doubted Lisa’s newfound interest and claimed that "her voice won't ever be heard", with only few Mages and fellow Prismage member Alan showed support for her.

Even with just a little encouragement, Lisa began to expand her knowledge on art and idol culture, especially by attending conventions. She attended a particular convention in Selenite Valley where Estelle was performing, and there she met Nix, who was also interested in idols, and found out that she is also quite the misfit in the Logiciel family. From there, Lisa and Nix started their journey of becoming idols in the shining, glamorous world of OS-tans, but it will not be easy, since Lisa has to deal with various challenges, like overcoming her shyness on stage. Despite this, she firmly believes that her efforts to make a name for herself will be worth it.

Family and relationships


Mac is more favored by the Mages than Lisa, but she holds no resentment towards him and continues to support him as an artist despite occasional envy for his talents. Lisa and Mac tend to have mutual misunderstandings about their artworks, since they are individualists who pride themselves on their unique visions. However, they can be quite similar to each other in terms of habits.

When Lisa started her career as an idol and expanded her artistic ventures, Mac initially doubted her choices. He eventually came around to them, even deciding to become an idol himself in the future and found a new respect for his sister.


Lisa was intended to follow Alan's steps at first, but she found his artworks to be too chaotic. Nevertheless, they still get along as fellow artists, and Lisa respected him as a kind and spirited mentor and friend. Sometimes Alan tries to get Lisa out of her shell by taking her to rock music concerts or teaching her 1970s counterculture.


Even if Lisa and Ash don't interact much with each other, Lisa sees him as a fellow creative, and was rather intrigued with his 1970s life as a young prankster and electronic engineer.


Nix and Lisa met each other during a convention in Selenite Valley. They are both interested in idol culture and quickly hit it off, later forming their own rookie group called the Whizzy Wigs. Lisa found Nix to be interesting due to her secret passion for music and shows, while known to possess a logical and pragmatic attitude. Being the more artistic of the duo, Lisa often helped Nix in terms of costume design and songwriting, while Nix works with the technical aspects.


Lisa was a fan of Estelle's shows and admired her confidence and fashion sense. When the Whizzy Wigs grew in popularity, Estelle noticed them, and she was intrigued about their efforts. Lisa's admiration for Estelle waned after she got to know her brash and impulsive personality that caused disagreements. However, she soon learns about Estelle's motivations and realizes she is also an imperfect "misfit", which led them to put their differences aside and becoming friends, and eventually welcomed her into the Whizzy Wigs.

There are times when Lisa borrowed money from Estelle for art supplies, and she seldom remembers about returning it due to her absent-mindedness. Luckily Estelle tend to not mind it, unless it was something extravagantly expensive...


Lisa got her inspirations for her art style while visiting the ERC Gallery, an art exhibition by the artist and programmer Alan Parkins, also known as Alto. She admired his tastes for monochrome, geometric patterns and his peculiar affinity for minimalism.

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Lisa Ryugou
Japanese 流行リサ (Ryuugou Risa)


  • Ryugou (りゅうごう) is an old reading of Ringo (林檎) which means "Apple" in Japanese. However in Lisa's name, it's spelled with a different kanji (流行) which means "stylish" or "en vogue"
  • Even though Lisa wasn't as social as Mac, she is smarter in some ways, and has better memory. In reality, the Lisa has 1 MB of RAM compared to the Macintosh's initial 128 KB RAM.
  • Lisa's spending habits on interesting things is from the fact that the Apple Lisa has a high price tag, which is almost 10.000 dollars. However that habit was nothing compared to Estelle's impulse buying tendencies.

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