Apple Lisa (UNIVER.SYS)

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UNIVER.SYS is still in early development phase.
All character details and pieces of lore at this stage are subjects to change.
What you see now is a mere glimpse of what's to come, and is not indicative of the final version.
General Information
Full NameLisa Ryugou
BirthdayJanuary 19
Debut2023-04-09 (site)
PersonifiesApple Lisa series
Hair ColorPeriwinkle
Eye ColorPink
Other Information
AffiliationWhizzy Wigs, Monochroma
OccupationIdol, artist

Lisa Ryugou is the personification of Apple Lisa, an innovative computer by Apple Computer Inc. released on January 19, 1983. It was the predecessor to the Macintosh and the first commercial computer to feature a graphical user interface (GUI), which is now a standard feature in modern computing. Despite its commercial failure due to high price tag, it holds a significant place in Apple's history, and computer history in general.


Lisa was designed by SpacePuffer and debuted on the web in October 25, 2022, however she debuted on this site on April 9, 2023.


Lisa may appear reserved, socially awkward, or even emotionless due to her typically neutral expression, absent-mindedness, and phlegmatic way of speaking. However, she is intelligent and knowledgeable in the arts, particularly graphic arts and fashion design.

Her works often showcase minimal details and abstract composition. Additionally, she has eclectic interests that lean towards the avant-garde and unusual. She tends to spend a significant amount on things she finds appealing, such as books, artworks, and decorations. She values quality over quantity and prefers using high-quality supplies in her work, unless faced with tight deadlines.

Unfortunately, some people misunderstand Lisa and perceive her as an elitist or snob, which is not accurate. In reality, her experiences in Prismage and her appreciation for individuality have made her sensitive to the topic of self-expression, especially for those who are considered misfits or underdogs by society, whom she empathizes with.


  • Ryugou (りうごう) is an old reading of Ringo (林檎) which means "Apple" in Japanese. However in Lisa's name, it's spelled with a different kanji (流行) which means "stylish" or "en vogue"
    • The word is normally read as Ryuukou, however the 行 letter can be read as "gou". This unusual last name is intentionally made by Violet Mage himself.
  • Despite her absentmindedness, Lisa has a good long-term memory, referencing Apple Lisa's 1 MB of RAM, and its protected memory feature.
  • Lisa's spending habits is from the fact that the Apple Lisa had a high price tag, which is almost 10,000 dollars.
  • Other than graphic and fashion design, Lisa is interested in ikebana, or flower arrangements. She also applies floral elements and language in her costume designs. This is a reference to a flower and vase drawing featured in Apple Lisa's screenshots.