Apple I-tan (Sinclair-Speccy)

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General Information
Full NameStephanie Wozniak
Universe/OriginThe Mainframe
PersonifiesApple I
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGreen
Other Information
AffiliationThe Infinite Loop (Founder), Retrograde Conglomerate (Member)


The Apple Computer 1, also known as the Apple I or Apple-1, is an 8-bit desktop computer produced by the Apple Computer Corporation (now Apple Inc.) in 1976. It was first released as the Apple Computer and was subsequently known as the Apple Computer. Steve Wozniak designed it. The Apple I was the company's first product, and in order to fund its development, Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator for $500 and Jobs sold a used VW Microbus for a few hundred dollars (Wozniak later said that Jobs planned instead to use his bicycle to get around). In July 1976, Wozniak demonstrated the first prototype to the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, California.

Manufacturing ended on September 30, 1977, following the June 10, 1977 announcement of its successor, the Apple II, which Byte magazine described to as part of the "1977 Trinity" of personal computing (along with the PET 2001 from Commodore Business Machines and the TRS-80 Model I from Tandy Corporation).


Apple I-tan is portrayed as a young hippy woman in her late twenties, with long brown hair ornamented with flowers, green eyes, patchy brown and green coloured clothes, and wooden accessories. She is thought to be open-minded, idealistic, and optimistic, in addition to possessing a maternal nature. Even though the Apple I is not in any way connected to the current line of Apple computers Apple I-tan is regarded as the de-facto mother of the whole Apple family (The Infinite Loop). She drives a Volkswagen Type 2 in reference to Jobs selling his Volkswagen Type 2 minibus for a few hundred dollars to produce the first batch of printed circuit boards for the Apple I.

She also has an interest in maths.[1] along with woodworking as the most popular image of it uses a wooden case.[2]

She also has two kids, those being Apple II-tan, born in June 1977 and Apple III-kun, born in November 1980 respectively.

It is also claimed that she has feelings for Altair 8080-tan however no one can confirm this but herself.

Family and relationships

Apple II-tan

Apple I-tan is the mother of Apple II-tan and Apple III-kun. Apple II-tan is Apple I-tan's first daughter and from her mother, she learned to be caring and hard-working. Apple I-tan was a loving and hard-working mother, and she taught Apple II-tan everything she knew about computers. Apple II-tan was a quick learner, and she soon surpassed her mother in terms of technical knowledge.

Apple III-kun

He was more business-oriented than Apple I-tan and Apple II-tan, and he also had fire powers. However, he was not very good at business, and he was not as successful as Apple I-tan. Apple III-kun often thought about her, and he wished that she was still there when she disappeared but knew that she would want him to be happy, and he tried to live his life in a way that would make her proud.

He blamed himself for her disappearance, and he felt like he had let her down but slowly came to terms with Apple I-tan's disappearance. He realised that he could not blame himself for what happened.


In the context of their relationship, Apple I-tan and Lisa-tan share a bond as adoptive mother and daughter. While Apple I-tan was not directly involved with Lisa being born, she embraced her as a cherished member of the Apple family and provided her with love, support, and guidance.

She was spoiled by the higher-ups, and she could be demanding and difficult. However, Apple I-tan was always patient with her, and she never gave up on her

Altair 8080-tan

Altair 8080-tan was competitive, and she was always looking for a challenge. She did not view Apple I-tan as a threat, as Apple I-tan was a pacifist and was not interested in competition. This led to a strange friendship between the two. Altair 8080-tan would challenge Apple I-tan to games or contests, but Apple I-tan would always refuse. This would often frustrate Altair 8080-tan, but she also found it endearing.

As their friendship deepened, Apple I-tan began to develop feelings for Altair 8080-tan. These romantic sentiments grew, fueled by their shared interests and the trust they had built. However, whether these feelings were returned or not would depend on Altair 8080-tan's perspective and emotions.


Despite her being mainly a passive character, she does have some abilities. Her powers are mostly wood-based and not intense, direct combat

Some examples include her forming wooden armour.