2014 Spring Madobe Family Original Theme Pack

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"2014 Spring Madobe Family Original Theme Pack Campaign"
A picture from the campaign's page.

The 2014 Spring Madobe Family Original Theme Pack is a CD-ROM that came with some copies of Windows 8.1 during a campaign ran by Windows Navi+ with some partner shops from March 5 2014 to April 13 2014 in Japan[1][2].

It contains short audio files of (voiced by Asuka Nishi), Ai (Nao Tamura), Nanami (Nana Mizuki), and Claudia Madobe (Eri Kitamura) and a .deskthemepack file, which itself includes two 3200x1800 backgrounds of the four girls.

Collector's Guide

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It is not know how much of these discs were made. Their rarity appears to be similar to several other OS-tan discs, being uncommon but still appearing occasionally on Japanese markets. There does not seem to be a particularly high demand for these.

The various shops sometimes included their own bonuses with the disc, and finding a specific set, which may contain more items featuring OS-tans like pins or telephone cards, can be extremely difficult.

Recommended prices

  • $30-$60.



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