Stickers and merch by Your Sinclair!

Sales of OS-tan collectibles from forum members.
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Stickers and merch by Your Sinclair!

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For about a year now I have been selling stickers of the main Windows OS-tans from my childhood in a nostalgic marker style. They are printed against a pretty rainbow foil, so they have lots of old-school visual appeal.
Michael MJD on YouTube was gracious enough to feature them all in an unboxing video, so you can see them in motion.
I also have two types of large TCG playmats/deskmats, one design of ME-tan and one design of XP-tan. There are also notepads in the style of ME/2000 Notepad.exe, with ME and 2K on the front and a very light adhesive on the back of each page.

I plan to offer my OS-tan stickers into perpetuity, so take the chance to grab something you can spread the word about to your friends!
Here's all my OS-tan products on Etsy: ... d=36734563
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