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The Mainframe, a OS-tan fanon

Post by Sinclair-Speccy »

Hi everyone,

I'm Sinclair-Speccy, and I'm the creator of The Mainframe, an OS-tan fanon like everyone else here.

The Mainframe is a fanon by me, Sinclair-Speccy. Initially created in 2019 as Appendix, it has gone through some reworks to wipe away any old ideas that were awful and bad at the time of creation. My fanon aims to be free of glurge while including more male characters and redundant OSes/computers. The name change for the fanon occurred in 2021 as an attempt to start "fresh" all over again. Initially, The Mainframe mainly focused on making characters for iPhones and etc.

The rework of The Mainframe also led to me making a place where other users could work on their own fanons and ideas as the place that once encouraged me to make my own ideas is now dead. However, this mostly started because I had taken up the r/OStan subreddit when the original owner left it behind and people mostly talked on Discord, so I made the Discord first.

Of course, this new place is, but it is hosted by Pttn.

This thread will essentially be used as a dump of sorts, but discussions about it are welcome.
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Re: The Mainframe, a OS-tan fanon

Post by Sinclair-Speccy »

So, what's the history?

The history is complicated, at least to me. First, it started as a fanon of sorts with no name.

The Unnamed Fanon?
I briefly discovered OS-tans in 2017 but didn't get into them much. I don't think I even saw the OS-tans first, but instead, browser-kuns. And in the beginning it was all black and white...

The beginning of The Mainframe starts in 2018. This is when the real deal started. Most stuff from this year is mostly lost as I had purged it during 2019 however little bits of it remain scattered across platforms such as Discord and Wattpad.

I must admit I am angry at myself for this. This was also the time I began high school so OS-tans were an escape for me.

During this time I often called OS-tans "OS-Tans" as it felt right to me, but the T in tan is not supposed to be a capital. I also made some characters too, those being listed here unchanged from old sources I still have:
  • 9-tan
  • Ichi (Original Iphone-Tan)
  • Petya 6-tan
  • Petya 7-tan
  • Mikase-Tan (Windows Update-Tan)
  • Yatusmi-Tan (The Windows 10 upgrade notification)
  • AVG-Tan
  • ClamWin-Tan
  • CCleaner-Kun
  • Petya-Tan
  • NotPetya-Tan
  • WannaCry-Tan
9-tan is Windows 9-tan, one of the first few characters I made. She was pretty much a reskinned Miku Hatsune but had the ability to walk through mirrors and was the sidekick to the protagonist of my old story. 9-tan did have some other designs but the recoloured miku was her well-known one lol.

There was not much on Ichi besides the fact she had an electrostaff like from Star Wars.

Petya 6 and Petya 7 were siblings, representing the two versions of the Petya virus (Petya and NotPetya).

Petya 6 was portrayed as a short girl who wielded a naginata and "lock bombs" and wore a white skull mask and a black jacket with ASCII skull on the back. Petya 7 was similar but instead, she had a bardiche and kunai. Petya 6 and Petya 6 have mixed up outfit colours due to my bad research at the time.

These were the four main ones I can remember. There may be more, but besides the ones listed on this page, most are lost to time.
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Re: The Mainframe, a OS-tan fanon

Post by Sinclair-Speccy »

Appendix is from the later part of 2019 after I had joined another server. It was kind of the result of me not having a fanon name and the original Appendix that this other OS-tan place had was dropped, so I snatched up the name for myself in September later the same year. In the beginning, Appendix mainly focused on making characters for iPhones, iOS versions and etc as at that time there were not many characters for those. One notable character who has become the icon of my fanon is my iPhone 3G-tan

What ideas did Appendix have
When I look back, I don't like the think ideas the original Appendix had were very good now that I think about it however it established the "concept" of Mobile phone-tans/kuns, Carphone-tans/kuns, Landline phone-tans/kuns, Tablet-tans/kuns and iPad-tans/kuns and Smartwatch-tans/kuns. The original (and messy ideas I had for them are below and taken from the old wiki I had. As a disclaimer, 99% of the ideas on the "original" Appendix wiki are outdated and no longer used:

Mobile phone-tans/kuns
Mobile phone-tans is a way of saying both mobile and smartphone-tans which and that was probably worded badly, but there are two categories of mobile phone-tans and those were mentioned above. Mobile phone-tans are the most common type of phone-tans and use internal magic instead of external magic (staves and wands) like carphone-tans. This applies to also the iPad, tablet, and other kinds of handheld phone-tans and carry around their devices they’re personified of. For example, Tigris, or the iPhone X always has her iPhone with her however if that gets broken it hurts her. Same applies for other characters and if it gets fully damaged the character is considered “dead” until it gets repaired. If the battery is low their magic may be weaker so to fix the low battery problem the character needs to either 1, sleep (which is turning it off and charging it) 2, Drink coffee or eat some sort of energy bar thing (a reference to powerbanks) or 3, resting which is just charging the phone when it's on. Having no charge is equal to us passing out. For phones that can have their battery removed this will somewhat “kill” them because they need power to function, putting it back in will bring them back to life. Another interesting thing is that since phone screens can smash if you were to smash an iPhone 5 screen, for example, iPhone 5-tan would appear to have cracking on her character. Some cellphone-tans have antennas which allow them to use external magic like DynaTAC-tan but others don't have antennas to use external magic so they use internal magic like Nokia 8110-tan. DynaTAC-tan was one of the first cellphone-tans to exist unlike carphone-tans and most of the older cellphone-tans use 1G tier magic.

Carphone-tans are less common nowadays but are very common in rural areas. Unlike phone-tans that need power from an outlet carphone-tans take power from a cars battery! This means that they can drive cars and stuff. Carphone-tans don’t have a very friendly relationship with the mobile phone-tans since they became more advanced and were capable of taking most of the market they originally had and are trying to defend the last bit of market they have left. The rural areas are unfortunately their only last holdout.

Landline phone-tans/kuns
Not much has been discussed about landline phone-tans. The only thing about them is that if their line gets “cut” they’ll temporarily lose their powers.

Tablet-tans/kuns and iPad-tans/kuns
Tablet-tans are the somewhat cheaper version of the iPad-tans and they don’t run iOS but mainly Android. Most of the features of a smartphone-tan apply to both tablet and iPad-tans so no much information is required here. iPad-tans are Apple’s version of a tablet that runs iOS.

They’re just a wearable phone, no need to explain much I suppose other than the fact they are close to smartphone-tans.

Appendix also had the idea of using the different generations of cellular networks as power levels, but this was too hard to implement and was thrown out later. 1G was deemed the weakest whereas 5G would be deemed the strongest.

The iOS-tans were also seen as "leaders", but that was tossed later as well. This was the old description:

The iOS-tans are the supposed “leaders” of the handheld district because the iPhones, iPod touches and older iPads use iOS (The newer ones use iPadOS). They live in a fantasy-inspired tower that witches and wizards use in fantasy stories. The iDevices frequently look up to them because you need iOS to run the device and they’re often seen as some sort of mentors to the iPhones, iPod touches and the older iPads because iOS only runs on iDevices and they can't use their skills without iOS. With the release of WatchOS and iPadOS, iOS 13-tan uses one of her three abilities to make herself compatible with the newer iPad-tans since they use iPadOS and iPadOS released around the same time as iOS 13. iOS 8-tan can use her abilities to work well with the original Apple Watch-tan as watchOS-tan is just a stripped-down version of iOS 8.

Along with that, you also have the older factions list:

Handheld District
It’s currently one of the most popular factions because of iPhone 2G and 3G-tans releases back in 2007 and 2008. However, since iPhone 11-tan is soon to come along some point a lot of people have been having mixed feelings about her, the reason why? Trypophobia.

Android Alliance
Without a doubt it's the most influential splinter faction of the Linux/Unix Consortium, being one of the three most influential factions in the OS-tan world, and arguably the most influential of the three as of late. However, not unlike the Second Linux Union and its predecessor, and, at least among the iPhone-tans, unlike The Infinite Loop, the Android Alliance has problems with political instability, with big names threatening to leave, such as the Samsung-tans.

Huawei Dynasty
The Huawei Dynasty is soon to be a faction, originally part of the Android Alliance because of its phones using Android. There are two reasons why the newer Huawei-tans are leaving the Android Alliance is because of 1, the bad reputation they were given by several other factions because of being accused of spying on humans and being accused of seizing stuff they don’t own and 2, they are working on their OS called HarmonyOS/Hongmeng OS.

Vintage Handheld Device Aggregation
The VHDA is the Vintage Federation (Binteeji Renmei) but for vintage phones, tablets, and similar kinds of devices that don’t use either iOS or Android. Founded by Actionman-tan* in 2015 she noticed that many phone companies such as Blackberry and Nokia were somewhat “killed” so she decided to make a group for people who were affected by iPhone 2G, 3G, and iPhone 5-tan’s market dominance. At first, it wasn’t easy getting members but she managed to convince a few people, and then those people got more people which helped it grow! The VHDA is located at the old Nokia pulp mill and possibly the Blackberry-tans Blackberry Farm. Some of these people who were affected either had a chance to go here or the Android Alliance.

*The Nokia Actionman has been discontinued for quite a long time now but for storyline reasons, she is still alive. Like how Apple I is deceased despite the fact 63 of them are presumed to exist.

Calculator Confederacy
The Calculator Confederacy formed in sometime when smartphones began to make calculators practically obsolete. It's debated who founded this faction since there could be various candidates such as Casio Model 14-A-tan, ANITA-tan, Monroe Epic-kun, and various others. It started as a faction against the VHDA, Android Alliance, and the Infinite Loop's Handheld District because most calculator-tans and kuns saw them as a threat. After a few years, this "hatred" against the smartphones waned and the faction began to turn into a place for calculators to retire that don't wish to go to the Vintage Handheld Device Aggregation but however, there are rumors that one calculator there doesn't like the fact the hatred has waned and believes this faction should've started when ''computers'' began to make their fame.

Vintage factions:

Nokian Liittovaltio (Nokia Federation)
The Nokian Liittovaltio was one of the most well known and somewhat wealthiest of these vintage factions. It was founded by Nokia SV-1300-tan in 1974 on the company's pulp mill but spent most of her time as a loner until she decided that next year she would create a powerful faction but she didn't have a huge ego unlike the first telephone-tan did. From then, Nokia SRP-25-kun and Nokia SV-1300-tan's Russian clone, Nokia HOKNA SV-1330-tan were born to help her out until 1979 when they created a joint venture with the Salora-tans/kuns and named the company Mobira Oy. Mobira Senator-tan was born during this time and was the more spoilt one out of her siblings (Mobira Quattro-tan and Mobira Combi) but they didn't rebel against Mobira for this.

Motorola Motorcade
Founded in 1983 by DynaTAC-tan, she and various other Motorola-tans brought us the mobile phone, however, ended up forgotten because of being purchased by Lenovo. They were a big competitor just like the Nokian Liittovaltio. The Motorola Motorcade used to be the largest faction until the Nokian Liittovaltio kicked them out of top place in 1998 and then between 2006 and 2009 their mobile market shares dropped because of the iPhone 4.

Although they don’t have a very fancy name or a fancy place to live they were one of the most prominent -tans on the market because of their keyboards on their phones. They reached their peak in 2013 but then lost its dominant position because of Android and iOS. Most of the newer members here would’ve gone to the Android Alliance but the older ones would’ve gone to the VHDA.


I wasn’t quite sure on how to interpret AT&T because someone asked. For now, it’s just some futurist looking building which produces magic for phone-tans and others because they only made like 4 phones and the factions are for companies that make phones.

The Jailbreak Organisation

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Re: The Mainframe, a OS-tan fanon

Post by Sinclair-Speccy »

== So, what is the outtake of this for me? ==

At the time of writing this it has been 4 years since I have been a member of the OS-tan fandom and during those 4 years, I like to believe I learned some stuff as although it helped me make my own ideas it changed me as a human being as a whole. As for what it taught? I learned the following:
  1. If you don't like another person's idea for a character, just remake them with your own ideas! I like to feel I learned this the hard way from being constrained to ideas that had already existed at the time when I joined 4 years ago but feeling like I had to use them as they were the "canon" characters.
  1. Research well, research properly. For my iPhone OS 1 character I did not research properly which resulted in them being the daughter of ''Tiger-tan'' instead of ''Leopard-tan'' since I misread an article about the original iPhone, stating that Mac OS X Tiger was released when the iPhone 2G came out.
  1. There should have never been a monopoly on OS-tans. This is kind of complex to explain but at the time there was only one place for OS-tan ideas that had been around since 2006. Now that is roughly 16 years and in those 16 years, that place slowly made its way to Wikipedia and some other places as the "main source" of information because no other place really existed at that time. Then in 2019 another place came along to battle that monopoly which had a strict canon, but fell too soon. Now this place,, exists to try and continue what the second server attempted.
  1. Be nice to ''some'' people. You can be nice to some, but not all.
  1. Discussing your ideas may help with making new ideas. I used to be that kid who thought everyone was trying to hijack my ideas but in the end, I realised if you discuss your ideas with people who like the same stuff you may get new ideas.
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