In regards to discussions and questions relating to OSC

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In regards to discussions and questions relating to OSC

Post by Sinclair-Speccy »

From this point on, I would like to inform you all that I will be stricter in relation to stuff about OS-tan Collections being mentioned here. Replies have been disabled to prevent drama.

Why is this happening? For the last several years I have had to deal with drama related to them that has hurt me and other people I know. It has negatively affected my mental health making it harder for me to live normally and do tasks. To add to this, today I noticed someone on OSC's forum mentioned something I had told to another person which was personal and in relation to this drama (it has now be deleted as of this edit), meaning either someone I have talked to 1 on 1 or here is leaking information that should not be leaked *at all*, proving that people cannot be trusted. This is not my first time being mentioned on OSC's forums.

The first time was deleted by OSC's staff however in that now-deleted thread on their forums I was accused of being draconian and banning anyone here who mentioned OSC here however I did not do this as that would be harsh, but sadly I will have to be harsher now that this has happened.

Now what? As for what will be considered forbidden and such:

You will still be allowed to share art, forum posts and wiki pages from both OSC's forums and wiki. Examples of this include sharing a wiki page to discuss that character, sharing art from OSC's galleries ('s wiki serves as a gallery for us) and forum posts about ideas.

Discussions about the drama will now be banned on this forum. This also includes questions about the drama itself. The severity of your punishment will depend on how many times you have asked about the drama and had discussions about the drama. For most, you will be warned a few times and if the stuff does not end, you will be banned.

I shouldn't have to keep thinking about this drama now that it has happened years ago. I just want to move on as if this keeps going on it is going to affect this whole place and not only me. I do not want to be accused of being the person who pissed in the pool to ruin everything for everything else.

If you are also a member of OSC's forums you will not be punished for that as that is harsh, unless you are found to be leaking information. Anyone found leaking information about stuff I have discussed in person or whatever will not only be immediately banned, but if you have a Discord account or wiki account your accounts there will be banned too and you will not be allowed back.

Thank you for reading this announcement,